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    Currently, 89plus is focusing its effort on a publication project retracing and celebrating the dozens of exhibitions, residencies, workshops, and public talks that have grown out of the submissions to 89plus.com, and have taken place across six continents and more than twenty countries.


  • Workshop and Lecture at OCA

    25 - 26 November 2017

    Office for Contemporary Art Norway Nedre gate 7, 0551 Oslo


    89plus will hold a closed-door workshop at Office for Contemporary Art (OCA) Norway on 25 November for the co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, to meet with local creative practitioners to discuss their practices. The workshop will be followed by a public lecture at OCA on 26 November at 2pm, in which the curators will discuss the 89plus project in general, as well as the fruits of their research in Norway in particular.

  • Conversations at FIAC

    20 - 21 October 2017

    Grand Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris


    FIAC has invited 89plus to program their annual ‘Conversations’ series, as part of the International Art Fair. Four conversations will take place over two days in the Conversation Room inside the fair.

    2pm Friday 20 October
    Lebo Mashifane (South Africa, artist)
    Darja Bajagić (USA, artist)
    Torey Thornton (USA, artist)
    Moderated by Simon Castets & Hans Ulrich Obrist

    4pm Friday 20 October
    Walter Price (USA, artist)
    Aslan Gaisumov (Chechen Republic, artist)
    Shen Xin (China, artist)
    Moderated by Simon Castets & Hans Ulrich Obrist

    2pm Saturday 21 October
    Charlie Fox (UK, writer)
    Matt Copson (UK, artist)
    Damien Henry (France, head of innovation at Google Arts & Cultural Lab)
    Moderated by Julie Boukobza, Simon Castets & Hans Ulrich Obrist

    4pm Saturday 21 October
    Wang Rui (China, artist)
    Elise By Olsen (Norway, editor)
    Lito Kattou (Cyprus, artist)
    Kenric McDowell (USA, Program Lead, Artists + Machine Intelligence, Google Research)
    Moderated by Julie Boukobza, Simon Castets & Hans Ulrich Obrist

  • Americans 2017 at LUMA

    19 May - 3 September 2017

    LUMA Westbau, Löwenbräukunst, Limmatstrasse 270, CH-8005 Zürich, Switzerland


    ‘Americans 2017’ showcases new productions by 19 key artists and groups from around the globe. Stemming from the concept of algorithmic citizenship introduced by artist James Bridle’s Citizen Ex project, this group exhibition gives center stage to the work of artists from countries as varied as Ghana, Kuwait, China, Lebanon, Austria and South Africa, all the while reflecting the influence of US-based ‘computerized processes’ over information, aspirations and concerns.

    World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee explains that he originally “imagined the web as an open platform that would allow everyone, everywhere to share information, access opportunities, and collaborate across geographic and cultural boundaries.” Positing an international perspective, ‘Americans 2017’ echoes the Internet’s original universalist promise of alternatives to jus soli and jus sanguinis citizenship, all the while examining the enduring sway of the United States over the World Wide Web at a time when its government is veering toward discrimination and isolationism.

    ‘Americans 2017’ is a nod to the Mid-Century seminal ‘Americans’ exhibition series at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition follows the format championed by Dorothy Miller—who curated six of the ‘Americans’ shows—and offers each artist an individual space, the dimensions of which are determined by the body of work on display. Regarding nationality, ‘Americans 2017’ aims to reconsider the notion of citizenship in light of its disruption by digital practices.

    Featuring works by:
    Darja Bajagić
    Anna-Sophie Berger
    Andrea Crespo
    Valia Fetisov
    Aslan Gaisumov
    Nikima Jagudajev
    Jessika Khazrik
    Yoan Mudry
    Walter Price
    Nik Rawlings
    Bunny Rogers
    Jasper Spicero
    Elisabeth Efua Sutherland
    Ye Wang
    Shen Xin
    Urban Zellweger and Tim Haesler
    Zou Zhao

  • Residency Mentorships in Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa

    August - September 2016

    Nubuke Foundation, Accra; Keleketla! Library, Johannesburg; Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa


    Following the success of the workshops conducted in August 2015 at Nubuke Foundation in Accra, Keleketla! Library in Johannesburg, and the Ale School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa University (AAU), 89plus invited select workshop participants from each session to submit proposals for a two-month residency program at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris for late 2016.

    Continuing our collaboration established in 2015, 89plus invited Nubuke, Keleketla! and AAU to mentor the participants during the two months prior to the Paris residency. Over this time period, in coordination with 89plus and Missla Libsekal of Another Africa, the institutions held weekly meetings with the candidates to discuss and assist them in developing their project proposals, so that their time spent in Paris would be most fruitful.

    The residency candidates were:
    Orion Lemma Hailemichael (Ethiopia); Neo Mahlasela (South Africa); Lebogang Mashifane (South Africa); Nonkululeko Mthunzi (South Africa); Papa Oppong (Ghana); Elisabeth Efua Sutherland (Ghana); and Emnet Woubishet (Ethiopia);

    89plus is pleased to announce the 2016 Google Residency in Paris participants:
    Neo Mahlasela (South Africa)
    Elisabeth Efua Sutherland (Ghana)
    Emnet Woubishet (Ethiopia)

    The residency program, facilitated between 89plus and the Google Cultural Institute, and now in its fifth session, welcomes participants from around the globe to conduct research, realise new work and meet with key artists, technologists and curators.

    Special thanks to:
    Berhanu Ashagrie
    Rangoato Hlasane
    Missla Libsekal
    Malose Malahlela
    Freya Murray
    Kofi Setordji
    Brook Teklehaimanot
    Odile Tevie

  • Qidian at Shanghai Project

    2 September - 13 November 2016

    Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Museum, No. 222, North Street, Zhujiajiao Town, Shanghai 201713


    ‘Qidian’, which loosely translates to ‘starting point’, is an open call program designed to tap into the talent and interests of China’s new generation of researchers and creative practitioners born since 1989. The resulting exhibition is one of Shanghai Project’s major components, as it looks towards the future through the eyes of China’s new generation of innovators from various disciplinary backgrounds. ‘Qidian’ demonstrates the Shanghai Project’s commitment to promoting ideas about the future, and serves as one of the cornerstones of the Shanghai Project. More than 300 applicants from the fields of architecture, design, contemporary art, film, liberal arts and social science have responded to the open call and submitted their research. A jury of experts has chosen twelve innovators to exhibit their research outcomes in the Qidian exhibition this fall at Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Space and Water Heavens, the studio of China’s internationally renowned musician, Tan Dun. A selection of international 89plus participants will present their projects from the recent ‘Filter Bubble’ exhibition at LUMA Westbau, Zürich, in dialogue with the works by the Qidian finalists.

    Participants include:
    Weiyi Hu 胡为一
    Jingying Huang 黄晶莹
    Shipeng Xu 许世鹏
    Ming Ling 凌明
    Kai Zhou 周恺
    Wei Hu 胡伟
    Bingyi Feng 冯冰伊
    Wenjia Wang 王文佳
    Lifeng Lin 林立峰
    Lewei Huang 黄乐玮
    Wei Luo 罗苇
    Zi Wang 王梓
    Alex Dolan
    Philipp Timischl
    Tabita Rezaire
    Bogosi Sekhukhuni
    Sarah Abu Abdallah
    Valia Fetisov
    Zou Zhao
    Ho Rui An
    Max Hawkins
    Bruno Zhu
    Alessandro Bava (exh design)

  • Bunny Rogers: Wrjnger at De 11 Lijnen

    29 April - 16 July 2016

    Groenedijkstraat 1, 8460 Oudenburg, Belgium


    ‘Wrjnger’ is a solo exhibition of new work by Bunny Rogers at Foundation ‘De 11 Lijnen’, co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist for 89plus.

    The exhibition title comes from the young adult book ‘Wringer’ by Jerry Spinelli, which tells the coming-of-age story of a boy refusing a small town’s tradition of pigeon shooting and the subsequent ‘wringing’ of the necks of pigeons to ensure death.

    For Foundation ‘De 11 Lijnen’ Rogers has created a sculptural installation composed of ceramic pigeons displayed on the gallery floor. Alongside specially made curtains and flags, the exhibition includes five new mops using different colour variations with specially dyed grey yarn. The artist explains: ‘The mops exemplify ideas of grey morality, a lens in which to see the world, and the definition of grey itself. Grey is the most important and all encompassing shade, the absence of what is distinguishable—the dissolution of that which is representable.’

    Rogers’ recent works have contemplated household mops as ‘erasers’, wiping away dirt from the floor, and as symbols of mourning, holding the burden and weight of water, absorbing tears that flow over the fibers’ capacity. The exhibition is also a continuation of Rogers’ previous meditations on erasers. Her recent exhibition ‘jrasjr’, presented as part of the 89plus-curated section of ‘Co-Workers: Network as Artist’ at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, played on the word ‘eraser’ and the name ‘Jasper’. The title of the new exhibition continues this letter erasure wordplay with the letter ‘j’.

    Bunny Rogers (b. 1990, Houston, TX, USA) is a poet and artist based in New York City. She is the author of Cunny Poem: Vol 1 and My Apologies Accepted (both 2014), and her writing has appeared in Mousse and Artforum. Recent solo shows include ‘Columbine Cafeteria’ and ‘Columbine Library’ at Société, Berlin. Group shows include ‘Unorthodox’ at the Jewish Museum, New York; ‘Welcome You’re in the Right Place’ at Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin; ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’ at YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Baku; and ‘Anagramma’ at Basement, Rome, curated by CURA.

    Rogers first participated in the 89plus project when she presented and discussed her work with Simon Castets, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Klaus Biesenbach and Jenny Schlenzka, as part of the 89plus Colony Conference at ‘Expo 1: New York’, at MoMA PS1 in 2013. Since then, her work has been included in several 89plus projects, including: the 89plus edition of Prospectif Cinéma at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2015; ‘Poetry will be made by all!’ as part of ‘After Babel’ at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2015; and ‘Filter Bubble’ at LUMA Westbau, Zürich, 2015–16. Most recently, Rogers presented a solo show as part of the 89plus-curated section of the exhibition, ‘Co-Workers’, at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2015–16.

    Bunny Rogers is part of the first generation of artists who grew up with the Internet as part of everyday life. Her work is not specific to a medium, since she makes sculpture, installation, video, animation, etc., but rather is produced at certain points through digital processes (3D modelling, video editing, Second Life photography) and is in part exhibited and distributed through the internet. Moreover, her works show a frequent use of elements and tools borrowed from her online presence. In her work, Bunny Rogers threads together uncanny representations of cultural icons, revealing something intimate about herself in the process. At the same time, she exposes societal norms and cultural memory for what they are: collective and constructed.

  • Vessel Verse at Art Dubai

    16 - 19 March 2016

    Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai, UAE


    Art Dubai 2016 features the conclusion of a two-year partnership with 89plus. Workshops, interviews and a presentation at Art Dubai 2015 were geared towards developing ideas that could contribute in 2016 to a project, led by artists Sarah Abu Abdallah and Abdullah Al-Mutairi, presented at Art Dubai 2016.

    Among the themes that emerged from the 89plus Dubai workshop discussions was the relationship between the virtual self and the physical self – specifically, the disparity between how one reacts emotionally to online interactions and those that are face to face.

    Tracing the oral tradition of the Arabian peninsula to the current proliferation of voice-based messaging within the region– via WhatsApp and voice notes for instance– this project examines the efficiency of speech as a mode of relaying experience and telling stories within hyper connected societies.

    What are the nuanced ‘languages’ and gestures we’re learning to communicate online, as we grow with technology, and technology grows with us? Can we keep up, physically, with our mental selves?

    89plus Dubai 2016 features a performance-based, collaborative text and voice-based project. Led by artists Sarah Abu Abdallah and Abdullah Al-Mutairi, the project invited Gulf-based artists, writers, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers and technologists born in and after 1989 to submit voice notes, texts and recordings relating to the theme at hand. The narratives are related by performers, and in turn, the recordings played out in a project space at Art Dubai.


  • Filter Bubble at LUMA

    31 October 2015 - 14 February 2016

    LUMA Westbau, Löwenbräukunst, Limmatstrasse 270, CH-8005 Zürich, Switzerland


    89plus and the LUMA Foundation are pleased to announce the second 89plus exhibition 
‘Filter Bubble’ at the LUMA Westbau exhibition space within Löwenbräukunst in Zürich, Switzerland. The exhibition is co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

    In his 2011 book, “The Filter Bubble”, Eli Pariser designates the way Internet users are increasingly directed to a personalized information landscape through an algorithmic editing of web content. ‘Filter Bubble’ marks 89plus’s interest in translating three years of research into an exhibition format harnessing the reflective nature of its long-term inquiry. In presenting work by over 40 international artists, writers and technologists, ‘Filter Bubble’ introduces a selection of pointed responses to the perennial dilemma of blissful ignorance, paradoxically heightened by the pursuit of relevance in an ever-growing mass of data.

    Participants include Sarah Abu Abdallah (Providence), Sophia Al Maria (Doha), Abdullah Al-Mutairi (New York), Rachael Allen (London), Yollotl Alvarado (Mexico City), ARCA & Jesse Kanda (London), Darja Bajagić (New York), Alessandro Bava (London), James Bridle (London), Andrea Crespo (New York), Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos (Athens), Alex Dolan (New York), Valia Fetisov (Moscow), Louisa Gagliardi (Zürich), Deanna Havas (New York), Max Hawkins (nomadic), Bernhard Hegglin (Zürich), Ho Rui An (Singapore), Emmanuel Iduma (New York), Nicholas Korody (Los Angeles), Isabel Legate (New York), Luca Lum & Marcus Yee (Singapore), Nicholas Maurer (Sydney), Felix Melia (London), Mitchell Messina (Cape Town), Ryan Murphy (New York), Wyatt Niehaus (New York), Adriana Ramić (New York), Tabita Rezaire (Johannesburg), Bunny Rogers (Stockholm), Ben Rosenthal (Zürich), Bogosi Sekhukhuni (Johannesburg), Takeshi Shiomitsu (London), Crista Siglin & Isaac Wilder (Kansas City), Jasper Spicero (New York), Jesse Stecklow (Los Angeles), Hito Steyerl (Berlin), Elisabeth Sutherland (Accra), Philipp Timischl (Vienna), Alexander Jackson Wyatt (Sydney), Urban Zellweger (Zürich), Zou Zhao (New York), Bruno Zhu (Amsterdam), Damon Zucconi (New York).

  • Co-workers at Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

    12 October 2015 - 31 January 2016

    Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 11 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, France


    The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris presents CO-WORKERS – Network as Artist: a selection of international artists trained during the 2000s whose innovative practices are largely based on networking. Mounted by the New York collective DIS, the exhibition foregrounds a new artistic language taking its inspiration from Internet resources. 89plus has been invited to curate six 15-day solo and duo shows as special interventions in the exhibition. Each show is presented in ‘the aquarium’, a dedicated space located at the very beginning of the exhibition.

    9 – 25 October:
    Tabita Rezaire & Bogosi Sekhukhuni
    27  October – 15 November:
    Sarah Abu Abdallah & Abdullah Al-Mutairi
    17 November – 6 December:
    Darja Bajagić
    8 December – 27 December:
    Jasper Spicero
    29 December – 17 January:
    Bunny Rogers
    19 – 31 January:
    Valia Fetisov

  • Research Trip to Accra, Addis Ababa and Johannesburg

    31 July - 7 August 2015

    Accra, Johannesburg and Addis Ababa


    89plus co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, along with Missla Libsekal of Another Africa, and South African artist, Bogosi Sekhukhuni, will be visiting cities in Africa on the dates below:

    31 July – 1 Aug Accra, Ghana
    2 Aug – 5 Aug Johannesburg, South Africa
    6 Aug – 7 Aug Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    The trip will be the first step in a special 89plus research project for Google Art Projects. 89plus has been invited to document and introduce the contemporary creative context, initiatives and creators in three African cities: Accra, Johannesburg and Addis Ababa. All of this falls within the larger and ongoing work of 89plus to identify institutions, artists and innovators for future residencies, projects, and exhibitions.

    Follow the @89plus Instagram account for updates.

  • Poetry will be made by all! at Moderna Museet

    13 June - 30 August 2015

    Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden


    Curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist for 89plus with Kenneth Goldsmith, Luna Miguel, Giovanna Olmos and Katherine Dionysius

    89plus After Babel Stockholm Sessions
    Tuesday, 9 June at 12 noon–2 pm
    In the Coffee Bar
    Language: English and Swedish
    Admission free

    Participants: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Daniel Birnbaum and new voices from Stockholm 89plus Open Call.

    89plus has invited poets, visual artists, authors, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers, choreographers, researchers and technologists born in 1989 or later to participate.

    Poetry will be made by all!
    Saturday, 13 June, at 1 pm–4.30 pm
    In After Babel
    Language: English, and others

    Participating poets: Etel Adnan, Rachael Allen, Ho Rui An, Caroline Bergvall, Sophie Collins, Andrew Durbin, Robert Glück, Kenneth Goldsmith, Luna Miguel, Eileen Myles, Giovanna Olmos, Claudia Pages, Bunny Rogers and Jesse Stecklow. Along with new voices from the Stockholm 89plus Open Call: Philip Berlim & Louise Dahl, Elis Burrau, Arvida Byström & Maja Malou Lyse, The Council for Grand Art, Natalia Marina Fuentes Araya, George Nordmark, Rojda Sekerös and Klara Ström. Moderators: Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

    89plus After Babel Stockholm Sessions
    13 June–30 August
    In After Babel

    New voices in the project 89plus after Babel Sessions will appear in the exhibition throughout the summer until 30 August.

    89plus has invited poets, visual artists, authors, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers, choreographers, researchers and technologists born in 1989 or later to participate in Poetry Will be Made by All! which is a part of After Babel.

    Names and dates will be announced here.

    Artworks on screens: Sarah Abu Abdallah, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Yollotl Alvarado, Darja Bajagić, Josh Bitelli, Domingo Castillo, Nina Djekić, Valia Fetisov, Emmanuel Iduma, Yuan Keru, Nicholas Korody, Nicholas Maurer, Felix Melia, Llewellyn Millhouse, Khun Minn Ohn, Adriana Ramić, Bunny Rogers, Muhammad Umar Saeed, Hugo Scibetta, Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Jasper Spicero, Laís Tavares, Philipp Timischl, Alexander Jackson Wyatt, Yu Youyou, Bruno Zhu.

  • Prospectif Cinéma at Centre Pompidou

    28 May 2015

    Centre Pompidou, Paris, France


    Part of Centre Pompidou’s ongoing Prospectif Cinéma program, this event will address the ways our production and consumption of film and video has radically changed in the last ten years since the introduction of platforms like Youtube, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. It will be specifically focusing on Eli Pariser’s concept of the Filter Bubble, and will showcase 89plus film and video art.

  • Workshop and Presentation at Art Dubai

    19 - 20 March 2015

    Art Dubai, Mina A’Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai


    The Global Art Forum in Dubai will feature the launch of a two-year partnership with 89plus. A closed-door workshop and public presentation at Art Dubai 2015 is geared towards developing a collaborative project—the first in the region—to be presented at Art Dubai 2016. Global Art Forum in 2015 takes on the theme of technologies, and their impact on the world of art, culture and beyond.

    Following the workshop on Thursday March 19, the 89plus co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, together with Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Mutairi will deliver a presentation and discussion on 89plus, at the Global Art Forum on Friday March 20, 6:00-7.30pm. The presentation is open to the public.

  • Professional Meeting at ARCOmadrid

    26 February 2015

    ARCOmadrid, IFEMA - Feria de Madrid, Spain


    The 89plus professional meeting at ARCOmadrid will be an opportunity for Madrid-based practitioners born in or after 1989, to meet and discuss their work with the 89plus co-curators. Participants will be selected based on submissions to 89plus.com/submit.

  • Nouvelles Expériences en Art et Technologie at Fondation Cartier

    12 December 2014

    Fondation Cartier, Paris, France


    89plus presents: Nouvelles Expériences en Art et Technologie (N.E.A.T.) was the first public presentation of the work created by the 89plus residencies at the Google Cultural Institute. It was part of Foundation Cartier’s Nomadic Nights series. An ephemeral set design was specifically created for the event by the Italian architect, Alessandro Bava. Entitled SUPER SURFACE, this flat environment was a diffuse workspace where all of the nine residents showed their work. Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist conducted interviews every 15 minutes with all nine residents. An accompanying publication included an interview between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Billy Klüver, as well as interviews with the exhibiting artists and photographs of their projects.

    Participants included: Yollotl Alvarado (Mexico), Yousef Bushehri (Kuwait), Brigitta Isabella (Indonesia), Nicholas Maurer (Australia), Adriana Ramić (USA), Bogosi Sekhukhuni (South Africa), Jasper Spicero (USA), Laís Tavares (Brazil), and Philipp Timischl (Austria).

    Curators: Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist with Julie Boukobza
    Exhibition design : Alessandro Bava

  • Insight Talk and Workshop at Singapore Festival of Arts

    12 - 13 July 2014

    Singapore 72-13


    The O.P.E.N. is a programme of public engagement actions that happens prior to Singapore Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2014.  The 89plus co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, presented the 89plus project at the O.P.E.N. on Saturday 12 July. The following morning, they held a closed-door workshop to meet with local 89plus innovators to discuss their practices.

  • Workshop and Press Conference at Google Cultural Institute

    2 July 2014

    Google Cultural Institute Paris, France


    89plus held a closed-door workshop at Google Cultural Institute for the co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, to meet with local French 89plus innovators to discuss their practices. This was followed by a press conference with presentations by the 89plus residents at Google Cultural Institute, Yollotl Alvarado, Bogosi Sekhukhuni and Laís Tavares.

  • Residency Series at Google Cultural Institute

    Ongoing 2014-2017

    Google Cultural Institute Paris, France


    The Google Cultural Institute 89plus Residency brings young international creative practitioners to France, in the extraordinary setting of the Google Cultural Institute, at the newly refurbished headquarters in the heart of Paris.

    The building, which serves not only as Google’s headquarters for France, but also for Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa operations, is the ideal nexus for a residency series managed by 89plus.

    The residency works towards developing new ideas by emerging creative practitioners, empowered by the expertise and world class facilities at the Google Cultural Institute.

    To date, the residency series has hosted 19 artists and creative practitioners: Yollotl Alvarado (Mexico), Yogesh Barve (India), Yousef Bushehri (Kuwait), Elise By Olsen (Norway), Matt Copson (UK), Felix Gaudlitz (Austria), Brigitta Isabella (Indonesia), Lito Kattou (Cyprus), Neo Mahlasela (South Africa), Charlie Malgat (France), Nicholas Maurer (Australia), Adriana Ramić (USA), Bogosi Sekhukhuni (South Africa), Hugo Scibetta (France), Jasper Spicero (USA), Elisabeth Efua Sutherland (Ghana), Laís Tavares (Brazil), Philipp Timischl (Austria), and Emnet Woubishet (Ethiopia).


  • Panel at Design Indaba

    28 February 2014

    Cape Town International Convention Centre
    1 Lower Long St
    Cape Town 8000
    South Africa


    Participants included:
    Jody Brand
    Haroon Gunn-Salie
    Kyla Philander
    Bogosi Sekhukhuni
    Victoria Wigzell

    In partnership with Missla Libsekal of Another Africa

  • Workshop at MAM Rio

    22 February 2014

    Av. Infante Dom Henrique
    85 Parque do Flamengo
    Rio de Janeiro
    RJ 20021-140


    Participants were selected from submissions to 89plus.com to attend a private workshop as part of the closing events for the exhibition “Expo 1: Rio”, curated by Klaus Biesenbach, director of MoMA PS1, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, co-director of the Serpentine Galleries in London, and in close collaboration with Luiz Camillo Osorio, curator of MAM Rio. The events were held at the museum pilotis and garden level with the support of Volkswagen do Brasil.

    2-3pm – Guided tour of “Expo 1: Rio”, with curators Luiz Camillo Osorio and Klaus Biesenbach, director of MoMA PS1. Capacity: 40 seats. Tickets will be distributed up to 30 minutes prior.

    3-5pm – Workshops with curators Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Castets and artists selected through the 89plus.com

    5-9pm – Music, dance and performances by young artists, organized by Arto Lindsay [MAM gardens]

  • Americas Marathon: Autoconstrucción at Museo Jumex

    8 February 2014

    Museo Jumex
    Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303
    Colonia Ampliación Granada
    11529 Mexico D.F.


    Presented at Museo Jumex in Mexico City, the 89plus Americas Marathon brought together emerging practitioners from different disciplines together with world-renowned artists and thinkers.

    The 89plus Americas Marathon: Autoconstrucción was named after Abraham Cruzvillegas’ dynamic project, which celebrates collaboration and improvisation as means to create new social relations and hybrid realities. The Marathon gathered a diverse cross-generational group of artists, writers, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers, activists, economists, journalists, technologists and innovators to analyze the impact that complex notions of ground-up, collaborative tactics have had in the way we think and work. This 13-hour Marathon unfolded through interviews, presentations, panels, performances and music sets that focus on a generation that over the last couple of years has already been changing the cultural, economic and political context of Mexico and the Americas at large.

    The Marathon series was conceived by Serpentine Galleries Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist in 2006 and is deeply intertwined with the annual Serpentine Galleries Pavilion Commission, launched by Director Julia Peyton-Jones in

    The 89plus Americas Marathon was co-organized by Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, Colección Isabel y Agustín Coppel (CIAC) and Fundación Alumnos47, a joint venture project working to promote cultural development through multidisciplinary practice in the arts. Coordinating this project in Mexico City was Patrick Charpenel, Director, and José Esparza Chong Cuy, Research, from Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo.

    Participants included:

    18+ (US)
    Alex Aldana (MX)
    Javier Barrios (MX)
    Emilio Bianchic (URY)
    Brigada Revolucionaria Popocatépetl (B.P.R.) (MX)
    Lydia Cacho (MX)
    Santiago Calderón (CO)
    Miguel A. Camacho (MX)
    Antonio Caro (CO)
    Mauricio Castillo (MX)
    Siete Catorce (MX)
    Helena Chávez MacGregor (MX)
    Perry Chen (US)
    Matthew Claudel (US)
    Abraham Cruzvillegas (MX)
    Julio Derbez (MX)
    Alex Dolan (US)
    Frida Escobedo (MX)
    Inés Estrada (MX)
    Natalia Gálvez Farías (MX)
    Betzabé García (MX)
    Óscar Eduardo Gardea Duarte (MX)
    Luisa Geisler (BR)
    Carlos Grandet (MX)
    Isabel Fulda Graue (MX)
    Max Hawkins (US)
    Daniel Hernández (MX)
    José Antonio Hernández Chong Cuy (MX)
    Christian Holstad (US)
    Nicholas Korody (US)
    Suzanne Lacy (US)
    Rachel Levit (MX)
    Kevin McGarry (US)
    Sanidad Mental (MX)
    David Meza (MX)
    Mock The Zuma (MX)
    Andrés Mondaca (CHL)
    Luz María de la Mora (MX)
    Ryan Murphy (US)
    N.A.A.F.I (MX)
    Molly Nesbit (US)
    Raul de Nieves (US)
    Mauricio Ochoa (MX)
    Yoko Ono (JP) *
    Guillermo Osorno (MX)
    Simon Pecco (MX)
    Steve Roggenbuck (US)
    Guillermo Santamarina (MX)
    Santiago Sierra (ES)
    Daniel Toumine (CA)
    Ryan Trecartin (US)
    Eileen Truax (MX)
    Amalia Ulman (AR)
    Carla Valdivia (MX) *
    Santiago Villanueva (AR)
    Adrián Villar Rojas (AR)
    Isaac Wilder (US)
    Wyno (MX)

    * Remote participation

  • Poetry will be made by all! at LUMA

    30 January - 30 March 2014

    LUMA Westbau, Löwenbräukunst, Limmatstrasse 270, CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland


    89plus and the LUMA Foundation are pleased to announce the inaugural 89plus exhibition, ‘Poetry will be made by all!’, which runs until 30 March at the LUMA/Westbau exhibition space within Löwenbräukunst in Zurich, Switzerland.

    The exhibition is co-curated by Simon Castets, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Kenneth Goldsmith, with Danny Snelson as exhibition advisor and program coordinator. Additionally, the exhibition features a film selection curated by Kevin McGarry. Poetry will be made by all! is partnered in association with UbuWeb, the world’s leading collection of avant-garde material online.

    Expanding on the emergent poetics of online distribution systems and the prominence of poetry in 89plus projects to date, the exhibition brings together works from renowned and upcoming international poets and writers within displays created by their peers working in design, visual arts and architecture. Inspired by the seminal exhibition ‘Transform the world! Poetry must be made by all!’, curated by Ronald Hunt at the invitation of Pontus Hulten for the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1969, the inaugural 89plus exhibition will highlight how the written word, far from being diminished, finds a renewed importance within today’s digital information networks.

    The exhibition features an installation for multimodal engagement designed by acclaimed Japanese architectural firm Atelier Bow Wow. The installation includes their iconic manga pod to read and display newly created books of poetry, active workspaces for the creation of spontaneous works, a book forest hosting a variety of poetic titles, a moving track of curtains for projections, and a proscenium stage for conversation, readings and viewings.

    Over the course of two months—from February to March—89plus and the LUMA Foundation will publish 1,000 books by 1,000 poets. Hand-picked by a group of advisors on every continent, this series will be the first-ever attempt to survey the global poetic production of an emerging generation. All books will be edited, designed, and produced by teams of poets-in-residence at LUMA/Westbau throughout the duration of the show and made available on Lulu’s print-on-demand service. All PDFs of the books will be made available free of charge to all.

    Participants include Etel Adnan, Atelier Bow Wow, Ed Atkins, Stephanie Barber, Robert Barry, Caroline Bergvall, Josh Bitelli, Stefano Boeri, Christian Bök, Anton Bruhin, Harry Burke, Augusto de Campos, Content is Relative, Barry Doupé, Andrew Durbin, Mashinka Firunts, H.R. Giger, Eugen Gomringer, Rui An Ho, Maja Hoffmann, Karl Holmqvist, Ronald Hunt, Sophia Le Fraga, Sang Woo Lee, Tao Lin, Trisha Low, Tracie Morris, Sarah Ortmeyer, Mendi+Keith Obadike, Eugenie Paultre, James Richards, Steve Roggenbuck, Beatrix Ruf, Leslie Thornton, Amalia Ulman, Dena Yago, Robert Whitman and many others.

    For more information, go to poetrywillbemadebyall.com

    The LUMA Foundation: (http://www.westbau.com)
    The non-profit LUMA Foundation is committed to supporting the activities of independent artists and pioneers, as well as international institutions working in the fields of art and photography, publishing, documentary, and multimedia. Established by Maja Hoffmann, the foundation promotes challenging artistic projects combining a particular interest in environmental issues, human rights, education, and culture in the broadest sense.
    The LUMA Foundation’s current focus is to create a truly experimental cultural complex, the Parc des Ateliers in Arles (France), dedicated to the production of exhibitions and ideas and developed with architect Frank Gehry. This ambitious project envisions an interdisciplinary centre for the production of exhibitions, research, education and archives, and is supported by a growing number of public and private partnerships.
    Kenneth Goldsmith and UbuWeb (ubu.com):
    Kenneth Goldsmith is a poet and the founding editor of UbuWeb. He has published several notable books, including Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in a Digital Age (Columbia University Press, 2011) and his most recent work, Seven American Deaths and Disasters (2013), which was featured on The Colbert Report. He currently resides in New York.

    UbuWeb is a large web-based educational resource for avant-garde material available on the internet, founded in 1996 by Kenneth Goldsmith. Beginning as a repository for visual and concrete poetry, the site has expanded to include a remarkable collection of film and video art, critical documents and essays, sound poetry and art recordings, among many other unclassifiable strands of the avant-garde.

    Danny Snelson:
    Danny Snelson is a writer, editor and archivist. His online editorial work can be found on UbuWeb, PennSound, Jacket2 and Eclipse. He teaches poetry, new media and digital writing at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the publisher of Edit Publications and runs the Edit Series at the Kelly Writers House in Philadelphia.

    Kevin McGarry:
    Kevin McGarry is a writer and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. His journalism has recently appeared on Rhizome, T Magazine Blog and the online editions of Art in America, Artforum and Interview. He is a director and programmer of Migrating Forms, an annual festival of moving image art at Anthology Film Archives.


    Jennifer Schmitt
    jennifer.schmitt@bureau-n.de / +4930 627 36 104
    Silke Neumann
    silke.neumann@bureau-n.de / +4930 627 36 102

    Exhibition Image © Content is Relative

  • Salon at Art Basel Miami Beach

    7 December 2013

    Miami Beach FL
    United States


    The Art Basel Salon program serves as an open space for short presentations such as artist talks, concise panels, and even performances – often quite informal – with an even broader range of speakers. This event focused on the dynamic relationship between contemporary artists and branding, focusing not only the top-down effects of institutional branding, but the appropriation of branding and the complexities of self-branding.

    Participants included:
    Brian Khek, Artist, Chicago; Amalia Ulman, Artist, London/Gijón, Spain; Kevin McGarry, Writer and Co-Director, Migrating Forms, Los Angeles; Dena Yago and Sean Monahan, Co-producers of K-HOLE Trends, New York, in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-Founder, 89plus, and Co-Director, Serpentine Galleries, London, and Simon Castets, Co-Founder, 89plus, and Director and Curator, Swiss Institute/Contemporary Art, New York

  • Polar Circle Residency with agnès b. / Tara Oceans

    November - December 2013

    Tara Expeditions, Quebec to Lorient


    After welcoming in the past the artists Pierre Huyghe, Sebastião Salgado, and Xavier Veilhan, the schooner Tara (ex-Seamaster with Sir Peter Blake) continued her mission of raising public awareness by inviting 2 artists aboard – Alex Dolan and Ho Rui An – selected by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist for 89plus. On November 15 they embarked on the final leg of the Tara Oceans Polar Circle expedition for a 25-day artists residency – from Quebec (Canada) to Lorient (France). The artists had carte blanche to interpret their experiences through their art. Their photo of the day was published on the Tara Expeditions Instagram.

  • Resources Workshop and Panel at LUMA

    27 October 2013

    Löwenbräukunst Limmatstrasse 270
    CH-8005 Zürich


    The 89plus Resources Workshop and Panel at LUMA was the first 89plus event to be structured around a single theme – resources – engaging the disciplines of art, architecture, literature, science, and technology in a focused conversation. On this occasion, 89plus and LUMA consulted with local universities in Zürich to achieve a broader dialogue with both students and scholars.

    The 89plus Resources Workshop and Panel brought together environmental activists and artists from the 89plus generation along with experts in resources and sustainable development. Led by 89plus co-founders and co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the Workshop was an opportunity for local university students to meet and engage with experts and 89plus participants to discuss their work. This was followed by a public panel discussion, which addressed the potential of new technologies for positive environmental and social change in a world of declining natural resources.

  • Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grants

    Winners announced October 2013. Unveiling of artists’ works November 2013.

    Serpentine Galleries
    Kensington Gardens
    London W2 3XA
    United Kingdom


    Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo partnered with 89plus and The Serpentine Galleries for a new annual award for emerging talent, The Re Rebaudengo Serpentine Grants. In its inaugural year, the 2013 award invited submissions via an online platform, hosted by DIS Magazine, from multi-disciplinary practitioners: artists, writers, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers, scientists and technologists. The grant’s only criterion is that entrants must be born in or after 1989. This coincided with the Serpentine Galleries’ 89plus Marathon, which took place during Frieze Art Fair Week, on 18th and 19th October.

    For 2013, The ReRebaudengo Serpentine Grant had two winners. The first winner, Riccardo Paratore, was selected by an international jury, consisting of Francesco Bonami, Artistic Director of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo; Simon Castets, Co-founder of 89plus; Kevin McGarry, Writer and Curator; Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-director of Serpentine Galleries and Co-founder of 89plus; Julia Peyton-Jones, Director of Serpentine Galleries; Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo; Eugenio Re Rebaudengo, Board Member of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo; Jochen Volz, Head of Programmes, Serpentine Gallery; and representatives from DIS Magazine.

    A second winner was the collaborative duo, Niko the Ikon and Tierney Finster, chosen by open public vote via the emerging artist platform DIScrit 89plus, hosted by DIS Magazine, a digital media platform which supports new creative practices.

    The winners’ works were unveiled at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo during Artissima, the Turin based art fair that took place in the first week of November 2013.

    Video Stills © Niko the Ikon and Tierney Finster
    Photographs © Riccardo Paratore

  • Marathon at Serpentine Galleries

    18 - 19 October 2013

    Serpentine Sackler Gallery
    Kensington Gardens
    London W2 3XA
    United Kingdom


    Taking place in London during Frieze Art Fair and inspired by Sou Fujimoto’s cloud-like Pavilion 2013 for the Serpentine Galleries, the 89plus Marathon brought together emerging practitioners from all disciplines together with world-renowned artists and thinkers.

    The 89plus Marathon was the eighth in the Serpentine Galleries’ annual Marathon series, an ambitious event that brings together the fields of art, culture, science and technology. Previous Marathons were the Interview Marathon, 2006 (with Rem Koolhaas); the Experiment Marathon, 2007 (with Olafur Eliasson); the Manifesto Marathon, 2008; the Poetry Marathon, 2009; the Map Marathon, 2010; the Garden Marathon, 2011 and the Memory Marathon, 2012.

    The Serpentine Galleries Marathon series was conceived by Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist in 2006 and is deeply intertwined with the annual Serpentine Galleries Pavilion Commission, launched by Director Julia Peyton-Jones in 2000.

    The 89plus Marathon was co-curated by Simon Castets, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Jochen Volz.

  • Residency at Park Avenue Armory

    Residency: September 2013 | Open Studios: 5 October 2013

    Park Avenue Armory
    643 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10065
    United States


    During his residency, visual artist and curator Alex Dolan began work on a new series of sculptures, allowing the historic space of the Armory to inform the production and life of the work. Dolan was selected for the residency in partnership with 89plus. Dolan’s month-long residency culminated with an open studio on 5 October 2013.

    Guests gained an inside look into the creative process of the Armory’s artists-in-residence, who set up studios and offer intimate public previews of works-in-progress, including dance, theater, music, and visual art. The Armory’s period rooms provide a unique backdrop for their workshops, serving as both inspiration and as a collaborator in the development of their work.

  • Residency aboard Station to Station

    6 - 28 September 2013

    New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minneapolis, Santa Fe / Lamy, Winslow, Barstow, Los Angeles, San Francisco


    89plus residency, aboard the nomadic train art project, Station To Station with artists Felix Melia and Willa Nasatir took place the month of September 2013, and culminated in an exhibition of the artists’ work at the finissage of Station to Station at 16th Street Station in Oakland, CA.

    Station to Station is a nomadic “Happening” on a train. A moving platform for artistic experimentation stopping in cities, towns and remote locations. An artist-created project, Station to Station embraces constantly changing stories, unexpected encounters, and creative collisions between music, art, and film.

    Station to Station is a 21st century cultural experience that moves by train from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast: stopping in ten different locations from major cities to off-the-grid spots, each time for a one-night-only live event that merges music and contemporary art. The train’s journey will be constantly changing as artists and audiences alike encounter contemporary art, experimental music and film.

    Willa Nasatir on 89plus Instagram
    Felix Melia on 89plus Instagram

    September 6, 2013 – New York
    September 8, 2013 – Pittsburgh
    September 10, 2013 – Chicago
    September 12, 2013 – Minneapolis
    September 18, 2013 – Santa Fe / Lamy
    September 21, 2013 – Winslow
    September 24, 2013 – Barstow
    September 26, 2013 – Los Angeles
    September 28, 2013 – San Francisco

    Images © Willa Nasatir

  • Panel on Video and Film at Palazzo Grassi

    5 September 2013

    Palazzo Grassi
    Venice, Italy


    Participants included:
    Sarah Abu Abdallah
    Spencer Ashby
    Josh Bitelli
    Bogosi Sekhukhuni

    With Kevin McGarry

  • Preview at Innovation Festival

    5 September 2013

    Museion Via Dante 6
    39100 Bolzano


    89plus preview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simon Catsts, and Gianluigi Ricuperati at Innovation Festival, Bolzano-Bozen as part their 2013 theme “Vision – Mountains, Society, Technology.” An introduction of 89plus and counterpart installation where innovators from the 89plus generation are invited to physically ‘submit’ their work and be immediately exhibited. The installation is an independent experiment designed and realized by Prey Workshop at UNIBZ, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

  • Colony Conference at MoMA PS1

    28 July 2013

    MoMA PS1 Courtyard
    22-25 Jackson Ave
    Long Island City
    New York NY 11101


    The 89plus Colony Conference brought together New York-based emerging artists and creative practitioners born in or after 1989. Held in the Expo 1 Colony, participants engaged in an afternoon of informal conversations about their practices with 89plus co-curators, Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist, along with Klaus Biesenbach, Director of MoMA PS1 and Chief Curator at Large at MoMA, and Jenny Schlenzka, Associate Curator at MoMA PS1. The discussions were followed by music performances by Teengirl Fantasy and Junglepussy.

    Participants included:
    Darja Bajagic
    Archer Davies
    Dorian Grinspan
    Henry Gunderson
    Emma Hazen
    Romke Hoogwaerts
    Benjamin Horns
    Benjamin Kellogg
    Emma McCormick-Goodhart
    Luke Libera Moore
    Wyatt Niehaus
    John O’Toole
    Nicole Reber
    Bunny Rogers
    Jasper Spicero
    Santiago Villanueva

  • Salon at Art Basel Hong Kong

    24 May 2013

    Hong Kong


    The Art Basel Salon program serves as an open space for short presentations such as artist talks, concise panels, and even performances – often quite informal – with an even broader range of speakers. 89plus participation invites innovators from this generation from China, Hong Kong, and the UK to speak about their work in concert with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets.

    Panellists included:
    Ou Ning, Curator and Artist, Bishan/Shanghai
    Li Liao, Artist, Shenzhen
    Felix Melia, Artist, London
    Yuan Keru, Artist, Hangzhou
    Mak Ying Tung, Artist, Hong Kong

  • Talk at IMA

    19 April 2013

    Institute of Modern Art, Judith Wright Centre
    420 Brunswick Street
    Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


    Simon Castets, in conversation with Rachael Haynes, presented the 89plus project and led an open discussion with several local artist-run initiatives, at Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art. The event was part of an 89plus research visit to Australia, which included studio visits, interviews and public programs in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, generously supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and Kaldor Public Art Projects.

  • Panel at DLD13

    21 January 2013



    The introduction of the 89plus research project by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Innovators from this generation from around the world were invited to speak about their work alongside the co-founders.

    Abdullah Al-Mutairi
    Niko Karamyan
    Brian Khek
    Alvaro Pulpeiro
    Vvzela Qu
    Zakara Raitt
    Amalia Ulman
    Max Weisel

    Introductions by:
    Ou Ning
    Rony Rodrigues

    With the participation of:
    Bondy Blog
    Harry Burke
    Kevin McGarry